Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catch Up Bentos!

Out of town work commitments have left me basically bentoless for the past week.  However, before I left, I packed two bentos with the last bit of my leftovers.  It was an excellent decision (if I do say so myself ;), the first two days of my trip included excellent lunches - the remainder relied heavily on Kind Bars and fruit cups.

So I intended to make them both ice chest friendly just in case....however I had leftover chicken salad that would otherwise spoil.  This was my first day's lunch to be safe with the mayonaise: Chicken salad (walnuts, celery, green onion, curry powder, mayonaise), Sushi rice shaped in my onigiri mold, fruit kabobs, ham kabobs and steamed broccoli dressed with egg foo young sauce.

The next lunch had two built in ice packs with the spaghetti cupcakes and I have to say, it traveled pretty well.  Along with the two muffins, I have green beans, a yellow nectarine, grapes, cheese hearts and extra marinara sauce in the container.

Yes, I admit these look a bit thrown together - because they were!  But, for the first time, I returned home for a business trip with zero spoiled items in my fridge.  That's a win!

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