Thursday, May 10, 2012

Deconstructed Fried Rice

Some mornings I have all the time in the world...this was not one of those mornings.  My favorite meals at restaurants are deconstructed versions of classic dishes.  I love creating the perfect bite and I can often sub out or eliminate any gluten element.  So for today, I created a deconstructed fried rice which came together very quickly.

From left to right I have leftover white rice and green peas, edamame, diced grilled chicken, a tasty but nowhere near authentic tamagoyaki, apple slices and a gluten free sweet and sour sauce in the container.  I was able to eat lunch in the office this afternoon so I removed the apples and sauce container and microwaved the fried rice ingredients.  (I was not very confident on the sauce container and did not want to risk making a mess in the office microwave.)  Once mixed up, everything was delicious - exactly how I like it, veggies, egg and protein with a little rice.  I only wish I had the forethought to pack green onions and carrots to round out the dish.

This rubbermaid premiere 3 cup container travels very well, however the silicone lid makes it difficult to pack.  I cannot wait for my lunchbots set to come in the mail.  I have caught the bento bug and it is a blast!


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