Friday, May 11, 2012

Starry Night

As I make one trip to the grocery store a week, Friday's meals are either leftovers or freezer finds.  To make today's lunch I had plenty to work with: the last bit of rice (packed flat to fill the extra space), purple cabbage coleslaw (Cabbage, celery, orange bell pepper and green onion dressed with honey mustard dressing - this was better than it was last night!), half a cucumber for cucumber stars, cubed pork tenderloin and some frozen fruit.  Add some black sesame seeds and flower picks and voila - a starry night lunch!

Two weeks into bento-ing and I have learned a lot:
  • More is not more when it comes to dishes - I should try to focus on 1 vegetable, fruit and starch and 1-2 protein items.  
  • Dedicating 5 minutes each morning to packing my lunch saves me at least $30 a week!  The above box cost at the most $1.50 - and I'll admit, some of the dishes may have gone in the garbage.  I was spending anywhere from $7-9 a day for a quick, semi healthy lunch.
  • Variety is key, but overloading at the grocery store is not necessary - again more is not more!
  • The square boxes from my tupperware collection were fine in a pinch, but they were incredibly hard to pack....more proper boxes are on their way!
And as a little happy Friday moment, can anyone spot my helper?  Annabelle is excellent at supervising, but I did not realize she was sneaking into the photo ;)

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