Sunday, May 27, 2012

River Bento

I spent Sunday on the Comal River which is one of Texas's worst kept secrets.  It is a natural waterway perfect for tubing, especially with its 80 degree water!  However, this year's new laws prohibit disposable containers which requires more planning than our usual spontaneous trips.  Pre bento this would be a challenge, this morning, however was a breeze.  For lunch I have broccoli with egg foo young sauce (in the red container), apples and kiwi, my attempt to recreate Whole Foods Black Bean Quinoa Salad (not quite there, but I will post the recipe when I perfect it) and poached salmon topped with black and white sesame seeds.

The Lunchbot trio survived quite well in our quickly packed ice chest...the container let very little water in from the surrounding ice slurry.  My container was the talk of the picnic, I wish I had a stash to sell that afternoon because I could have cleaned house!

So no Monday bento for me - enjoy your memorial day and hug a vet everyone!

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