Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm not sure if anyone has caught on just yet, but one item is painfully absent from every bento I've posted on this site: Gluten Free Bread.  For the past year, I have tried to learn to love it to zero success.  Every brand I have tried is mealy, dense and either tasteless or disgusting.  I am also concerned with the lengths some companies go to bring their product to market including the chemicals and packaging used in the process.  And above all that, bread is at minimum $6 a loaf! Totally not worth it in my book.

Enter Van's Totally Natural Frozen Waffles which are currently on sale for $2 at Whole Foods and you can print a $1 off coupon if you join their E-Club.  The waffles are fluffier than their Eggo counterparts and their ingredient list is one to be proud of.  They are hands down my favorite bread substitute.  The sweetness is very faint, almost like that of honey wheat bread and one waffle is 115 calories.  So for today's lunch I have:

  • A Waffle-Wich filled with cranberry walnut tuna salad (I went very very light on the dressing to keep the waffle from going soggy.)
  • An unfried green tomato - Two slices of green tomato topped with parmesan and mozzarella cheese toasted in the toaster oven until the cheese is melted.  I topped these with a nori furikake for a punch.
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Strawberries and Blackberries
This meal is a little light on the vegetables, however I had a green power smoothie for breakfast containing more vegetable servings in one glass than most Americans eat in a day.  I've resigned to the fact that life is about balance, but not every meal must be balanced.

Do you have any tricks for bulking up your vegetable intake at lunch?

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  1. Well, I wouldn't change this lunch, because it looks great! But as for my own strategy, it tends toward treating myself like a little kid. I like my veggies cut in a certain way--I will eat celery cut into long, narrow sticks, but I won't eat it if it still looks like a boat. I sometimes try to vary things, such as eating orange tomatoes and such, but you already do that! And yes, balance in everything overall doesn't have to mean every lunch is balanced perfectly.

    One more thing is to hide your veggies in other things--stick onions and celery in your tuna and chicken salads, etc.

    And don't underestimate the value of just a salad! I eat tiny salads a lot as sides.