Friday, May 4, 2012

TGIF: Italian Themed Bento

What's the worst thing about Gluten Free Pasta?
The gummy leftovers.

I'm resigned to the fact that pasta will never taste the same without gluten, but as an Italian I'm not ready to give up my leftover pasta lunches.

Enter What's For Lunch at Our House's Spaghetti Cupcakes!  I was super excited to test this out with a few modifications:
  • I made my own turkey meatballs and intentionally made a few small enough to fit in cupcake tins
  • Worried that the pasta would overcook after boiling and baking, I cooked half of a package of Quinoa Pasta according to the package directions but draining and rinsing the pasta three minutes short of the time required.
  • To up the protein and make sure the corn-quinoa mixture stayed together, I used two whole eggs plus four additional egg whites.
And the verdict?  They were DELICIOUS!  As you can tell from the photo, they did not stay together as well as the original, however for a minute I thought I was eating real spaghetti.  Expect to see more of these in rotation!

To complete my box, I have steamed green beans, baby carrots, sliced string cheese, a few walnuts and - surprise surprise - the last of the strawberries.  Here's to the weekend and hopefully more creativity next week,

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