Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not All 3 Cup Containers are Created Equal

In this 3.1 cup Sterilite Snap Lid container was entirely too tall - I ordinarily use it for hardboiled egg storage.  However, I worked with what I had on hand (and added more containers to my shopping list).  Today I packed onigiri with seaweed furikaki and pickled ginger, carrots brushed with teriyaki sauce, diced chicken, strawberries (one more serving left in the frige - after that I may turn into a strawberry!) and gluten free soy sauce all resting on a bed of baby spinach (which is hidden in this super tall container.)

Perfect amount of food, but my creativity needs a bit of a boost - I was incredibly bored with this lunch.  The chicken was leftover from dinner and I decided to experiment with freezing portions of leftovers for my lunch.  I diced the chicken and froze it in a silicone baking cup inside of a freezer bag.  I put a portion in the freezer the night before and it was defrosted by lunchtime.  (And as a bonus - it worked as an instant icepack!)

I can't wait until my All Things for Sale order comes in so I can spice things up a bit!

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