Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lunchbots Trio and a Low Carb Bento

I have to say, Lunchbots were an investment, but they are already worth their weight in gold!  Mornings are now a breeze and I can pack almost without thinking.  The smoked chicken is a repeat from yesterday (Spoiler: it will be in my lunch tomorrow as well!).  I have noticed how much more energy I have from 3-5pm when my lunch is higher protein and fewer carbohydrates.  So for today I have purple cauliflower and the most adorable baby broccoli and apple and Fredricksburg Peach chunks.  I added a sauce container, however I don't remember what is in it - the vegetables didn't need it!

Fredericksburg peaches signal the beginning of summer here in the hill country - it is the one item I will buy on the side of the road.  The box I bought was chock full of tiny little gems that just beg to be put in ice cream. (By the way, does anyone have tips on packing ice cream?)

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