Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"UnLeftover" Pizza Bento

When you're gluten free you can't have pizza....and you definitely cannot have cold, leftover pizza for lunch!

Wait, what?  That's a rule I cannot accept!  I absolutely love pizza in all forms - even during my six months as a vegan cheese-less pizza was a staple.  There is one takeout restaurant in Austin with great gluten free pizza, but it requires 24 hour notice.  So for spur of the moment lunch ideas, I keep gluten free cornmeal English muffins in my freezer.

For today's "unleftover" pizza, let an English muffin thaw in the refrigerator overnight.  Toast one half with a tablespoon leftover marinara sauce, two pieces Canadian bacon - shredded, and two tablespoons shredded mozzarella* cheese.  Toast until the cheese is melted and cool completely before packing in your box to prevent condensation and spoilage.

To complete my lunch, I have celery sticks, a butter leaf lettuce and orange bell pepper salad, ranch dressing in the sauce container, grapes and cottage cheese with black sesame seeds.

*Note: Commercially shredded cheese are often packed in cornstarch to prevent clumping, however some brands used a gluten based anti-clumping agent.  I shred cheese from a block - it is cheaper and the block cheese will last longer - but if you are using a pre-shredded bag, read the label.

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